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March 1 - 10, 2022

Steven Franco 1mar2022.jpeg

Join Steven Franco who, as a boy, first traveled to Israel in 1989 with his parents and then returned to study at the University of Tel Aviv in 1993. Steven is a successful businessman in Atlanta as well as Destin.

"I am excited to lead our group back to visit the religious center of both Judaism and Christianity. Traveling to Israel to visit the holy land is an opportunity of a lifetime! There is no other place on planet earth that has historical, present, and future significance. Witnessing the many historical religious sites for yourself in person is incredibly enriching.

Modern Israel has become the bastion of success since the formation of the State of Israel in 1947. Its parliamentary democratic government is the only true democracy in the middle east. Israel is a leader not only in the region but around the globe.

While geographically a small country, (about the size of New Jersey), Israel's terrain and climate are similar to southern California. Visiting, you will find seaside beachfront and port communities, mountainouse and desert terrain mixed with valleys of highly productive agriculture production, and old-world centers of religion, such as Jerusalem abutting a modern-day metropolis business center like Tel Aviv.

I look forward to meeting each of you in person and sharing this incredible experience while leading you on a trip through the one and only Holy Land. It will be the trip of a lifetime... see you in Jerusalem!"

Steven Franco


Price is $3548 pp

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