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Rhine River Cruising in Germany

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

We’ve been on a Reformation tour following the steps of Martin Luther. But today we take a break from Luther and spend a little time on the Rhine River on our way towards Worms. I could write all about the Rhine River flowing through this section of Germany, but I think the best is to show you rather then tell you. Lots of Castles and ruins high on the hills, and vineyards everywhere. So here you go…

Relaxing on the river

OK. So how did they ever build something like this way back when?

Nice ruins set among the vineyards

Hmmm... maybe I'll buy this for my summer place.

Set on an island in the middle of the river, this place once served as a "toll both" on the river. They would stretch chains across the river and you didn't get by until you pay the toll.

Cheers to fine weather on the Rhine River

This place has a restaurant and hotel

Nice view but it must have one heck of a driveway

Just walk out of your castle, grab some grapes and make some wine.

Cute little town. You can see the dock on the left where the ferry runs across the river

In these little towns, the church was the center of all the town activity

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