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Why have a Travel Ministry
in Your Church?

Reasons Why YOU Should Lead a Faith-Based Tour or Cruise
  • Train your church leaders the way Jesus did-by teaching and traveling with His disciples

  • Empower your sermons with first-hand knowledge gained from your travels

  • Shepherd your church members through a tremendous time of renewal

  • Become immersed in the values and traditions of the world Jesus knew

  • Give your church members a new appreciation for your church roots and heritage

  • Offer students and teachers of the Bible the ultimate hands-on learning adventure

  • Strengthen family and congregation relationships through a shared journey

  • Discover how recent archaeological discoveries continue to reaffirm the truth of the Bible

  • Develop a more Christ-like understanding of other cultures and religions

  • See your church develop a hunger and thirst for God's Word as never before

What is Faith Travel?

Let's define the term. Faith Travel is the combining of one's faith with travel - Simple as that.
There are three forms of it:

  1. Traveling to a sacred destination for a spiritual purpose. Example: Traveling to Mt. Sinai in Egypt (to see where Moses received the Ten Commandments) to grow in faith and knowledge of religious history.

  2. Traveling to a secular/non-religious destination to share fellowship with people of your faith (i.e. church members, religious group members, etc.) Example: Traveling to Hawaii with fellow church members to share rest-and-relaxation.

  3. Traveling with a group for a specific retreat purpose. Example: a Marriage Retreat at Sea or a Women's conference/get-a-way to an All-Inclusive resort in Mexico.

What are the Top Ten Benefits of Faith Travel?

(As perceived by the travelers, pastors, and churches.)

  1. Builds community (or fellowship, affinity, etc.)

  2. Deepens faith

  3. Enriches life

  4. Provides an opportunity to experience the faith and Biblical sites first-hand

  5. Makes history and culture come alive

  6. Presents new/alternative form of travel

  7. Touches every aspect of the human person-spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, and emotional

  8. Offers free travel for the religious or group leaders

  9. Appeals to everyone-seniors, families, singles, couples, young adults, and youth

  10. Develops a closer bond between pastoral staff/group leaders and members

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